A project run in collaboration with Comica, the summer exhibition at the British Library – Comics: Art and Anarchy in the UK and Conducttr, a transmedia storytelling tool. I worked with the MA Dramatic Writing course, part of Drama Centre London at Central Saint Martins. The project was an experiment in storytelling, with the students from the course invited to create a story that could be told across multiple platforms, around the theme of 'Breakdowns'.


The students created individual stories linked by a central character, which were told across email, blogs, websites, text-based games, graphic novel, podcast, video and live performances by actors from the Foundation in Performance course at Drama Centre London.


The 'live' part of the project ran over 5 days in June 2014. It began with the audience being invited to sign up for the experiment at a live event. I used Conducttr to orchestrate daily emails to the audience from a fictional character, linking to the first part of that day's story on a variety of platforms and then inviting the audience to vote. The next day's emails were tailored based on what audience members had voted the previous day. The experiment culminated in a live promenade performance across four spaces at the Platform Theatre at Central Saint Martins.


As well as conceptualising and briefing the students on the project, and managing the interactive elements of the story using Conducttr, I illustrated part of a story by Kritika Arya, told in graphic novel form (see below).