CONTENT CREATION: Intel and WPP Smart Everything

Smart Everything was a play about the Internet of Things and Wearable Technology, commissioned by The Store WPP, for WPP's Customer of One conference, in September 2015.


The Store WPP and their partner, Intel, were interested in using the event to explore the impact of IoT tech in the near future. CSM Creative Producer Ged Matthews presented a concept for a performance that would allow conference guests to see life in a seamless world of connected technology. As project manager I worked closely with Ged and The Store WPP to develop a script that would show life in this future world, and contain 30+ real and imagined IoT and Wearable Tech products. 


We commissioned a team including a graduate from Drama Centre London's BA Directing course Laurence Chater, designer Fridthjofur Thorsteinsson and production manager Andrea Salazar to create the show in the CSM Platform Theatre. Four actors from CSM and Drama Centre London workshopped the script with Laurence and Ged, developing a 45-minute technically-rich, physical theatre play, featuring protoypes, video and projection.


As part of the show development, Intel and The Store WPP sponsored a Retail Futures competition with UAL Futures, who support digital creativity across University of the Arts London. We invited students to submit designs and prototypes for IoT and Wearable Tech concepts and products, and featured selected designs in Smart Everything. The product and textile design students met with the actors while the play was being workshopped and together devised scenarios to showcase their work on stage.